Our locations

Since 1989, the Neige Aventure team, each season, carefully selects the most appropriate, top of the range, high performance products for all mountain sports.

Our vast choice, along with the support of our technical experts, will allow you to get fully equipped for the mountains. What’s more, having the correct equipment will enable you to enjoy your mountain experience with maximum comfort, pleasure and safety.

Thanks to the fact, we're located at the really bottom of the slopes, we offer on test and rental a really wide range of high quality equipment. Go visit our Online Rental Shop.

In addition to the 2,000 sq m of sales and exposition space up here in the mountains, the Neige Aventure & OTM outdoor store will soon be launching their first joint web shop with an online stock, selected and managed by riders for riders.

We offer a unique outdoor shop network shared between Nendaz, Veysonnaz and Siviez. All the products are currently available in the stores and will be put online really soon.



In Nendaz, you will find everything you need with summer and winter clothing, equipment and accessories.

With three seperate stores, really close to eachother, within a couple minutes, we can sort you out with the best offers and most famous and durable brands on the market at the moment.


OnTheMountain - Equipment, Rental and accessories

The latest Ski and Snowboard equipment, from downhill to freeride, freestyle and touring. 

The new generation of E-Mountain Bikes and VTTs.

All the safety equipment you need, from DVAs to Airbags.

And of course, cameras, goggles, helmets, poles...


NA Technical Outerwear and accessories

All the Outerwear you need from the really technical to the more casual products.

Gloves, beanies, first and second layers...

Cameras and goggles...


NA Outlet - Sales & Good Deals

Outdated outerwear and accessories on sales with big discounts !

Same with ski and snowboard boots, some from last year only !



In Veysonnaz, it will be mostly focused around the rental equipment.

But the store which is open only during the winter, offers some really good entry products from the Outerwear to the Skis, Snowboard and boots.

For a lower budget, beginners will find everything they need to suit themselves and have the best days on the mountain.

Also available, helmets, gloves, first layers, protections, goggles...


The Siviez's shop, only open during the winter, offers a different concept with winter equipment and accessories, rental and a food market.

Indeed, not only you will find rental equipment to suit the beginners, intermediates and experts skiers and snowboarders but also at your disposal, a small grocery market to buy fresh products and never be hungry while on the mountain !

Also available, gloves, helmets and different accessories...