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A private instructor is at your disposal for 6 hours. The ideal way to go out and safely discover the breathtaking 4 Vallées while progressing in leaps and bounds as you make your way over all types of terrain.
Location Veysonnaz
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“6H Private Ski lesson Veysonnaz”

A private instructor is at your disposal from 09:30 until 15:30

Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced skier; whether you are honing your skills on the piste or in the park, discovering freeriding or simply looking to brush up on different terrain and slopes, a private skiing lesson is the most effective way to improve your technique and the perfect way to see the breathtaking 4 Vallées under the expert guidance of our experienced, professional and friendly NA instructors.

We will pair you up with the perfect instructor for your ability level and language and we offer various meeting points across the 4 Vallées for your convenience, ensuring a tailor-made lesson especially for you.


Meeting Point 

"6h Ski Private Lesson Veysonnaz"

Once you have completed your booking online and after receiving your voucher, your first meeting point will be at the main reception of Neige Aventure Ski School in Veysonnaz.

Our Customer Care and Booking team welcome you in French, English, German, Swiss German and Dutch and will give you the latest information (weather, local entertainment, confirmation of meeting points etc...).

Our private lessons in Veysonnaz start directly at the NA Meeting Point sign and NA Flags at the top of the Veysonnaz cable car lift, next to the Veysonnaz Tipi.

For special meeting point requests, please contact our office staff or arrange directly with your instructor.

Find your level – NA Private Lessons

Our Ski Level Guide, Certification and Equivalence:

Rider Licence Programme (RLP) – Ski Test

Neige Aventure’s RLP has its own classification system for all skiing abilities for all ages.

The classification system is clear and transparent and can easily be compared with various ski school systems, meaning you can continue the RLP even if you have had lessons elsewhere!

Beginner / Green      

First time, you've never skied before.

Intermediate / Blue        

You can control your speed and come to a stop. You can turn in a snowplough.

Intermediate / Bronze    

You can ski with linked snowplough turns on blue slopes.

Advanced / Red         

You can ski with plough parallel turns on all blue slopes and are comfortable on some red slopes                      

Advanced / Black      

You can ski with parallel turns and are comfortable on all red and some black slopes.

Expert / Energy   

You ski with carved turns and are comfortable on any slope

International Level Comparison Chart:

NA Rider Licence Program (RLP)

France Test

Swiss Snow League

Mini Kids

Piou Piou

Jardin des Neiges Snowli



Blue Ski League Prince



Blue Ski League King


1er étoile

Blue Ski League King


2e étoile

Red Ski League Prince


2e/3e étoile

Red Ski League King



Energy (silver)

3e étoile

Red Ski League King/Black Prince

Energy (orange)

Étoile d’or

Black Ski League Prince/King

Energy (gold)

Étoile d’or

Black Ski League King

The RLP Ski Rider Test has been modelled on several international instructor systems including:

  • Swiss Snowsports
  • BASI (British Association of Snowsports Instructors)
  • PSIA (Professional Ski Instructor of America)
  • ISIA (International Snowsports Instructor Association)

Private Lessons Veysonnaz – Tips & Tricks

1. In order to get the most out of your private lesson we start the lesson right at the top of the Veysonnaz cable car at the NA Meeting Point sign and the NA Flags next to the Veysonnaz Tipi.

Check also our private lessons in Siviez or Nendaz.

For special meeting point requests, please contact our office staff or arrange directly with your instructor.

2. Ski Lift Passes: for all Veysonnaz courses, we normally recommend that you buy the ‘Printse’ pass only. This is a customised lift pass for the ‘small’ region. 220 km of pistes for your family getaways. It gives you access to the following ski stations in the 4 Vallées: Nendaz, Siviez (without Mont-Fort), Veysonnaz, and Thyon / Les Collons.
If you are an advanced skier/snowboarder, it might be interesting to take the full 4 Vallées ski pass so you can also discover Verbier and the Mont Fort Glacier.

3. Your ticket to the ski lifts Family rate: get a discount on packages for the family member (Minimum 3 paying persons including 1 adult).

4. When booking, please best indicate your ski/snowboard level. This way your instructor can prepare his lesson and optimize your course.

5. Save money by choosing your lessons with an equipment package. Clients will receive a discount on all equipment and helmets will be provided free of charge.

6. Dress with appropriate warm clothing: gloves, mittens and dry ski boots to start off the day, UV protection good quality sunglasses or goggles (depending on wet, snowy or sunny conditions), and suitable suncream protection with factor 30 or above.

7. Equipment: a helmet is strongly recommended. Skis, snowboards and boots must be the right size and ski/snowboard bindings need to be adjusted correctly and checked by one of our experts.

FAQ – Private Lessons Veysonnaz

Is it obligatory to book private lessons in advance?

It is always better to book in advance, especially for the busier weeks: December, the beginning of January, February and the main holiday periods (Carnival and Easter).

More and more bookings are made online and so if you don’t book in advance, there is a risk that the lessons you wanted may no longer be available once you arrive in Veysonnaz.

Where is the first meeting point with Neige Aventure?

Once you have booked and received your lesson voucher, your first meeting point will be at the main office.

Our team will be there to welcome you in English, French, Dutch or German.

They will update you on any last minute news such as weather, special events during the week, confirmation of meeting points etc.

Where are the main meeting points?

Veysonnaz: Alle lessen starten boven op de berg, naast de Veysonnaz Tipi, aan de NA vlaggen en het NA Meeting Point teken.

How many people are allowed per instructor?
We accept a maximum of 8 people per instructor.

Which class is right for me or my child?

Please click on the Find Your Level tab

Will there be time to pick up my skis and lesson tickets in the morning before my lesson starts?

We recommend that you avoid doing this. However it is possible if there is no queue (but this is very rare).

We suggest that you organise everything in advance to ensure the morning runs calmly and smoothly for you.

General FAQ Veysonnaz

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us
You can also check our "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs)

Terms and Conditions Ski and Snowboard School

1. Neige Aventure / onthemountain.ch declines any responsibility for accidents incurred during classes and / or with rental equipment. Each participant must be in possession of his/her own insurance.

2. In the event of illness or injury, a refund will only be issued on the presentation of a valid medical certificate. Neige Aventure will only refund the part of the service that has not yet been provided.

3. If the client is absent at the start of the lesson, the cost of missed classes will not be refunded and the lesson cannot be recuperated.

4. If there are less than 3 people enrolled onto a ski or snowboard group lesson, the course time will be halved. In low season periods (with low attendance), two levels or age groups may be combined within the same course.

5. The cost of the lift pass is not included in the price of lessons or the price of rental equipment.

6. Mini Kids Club: Money back guarantee: in order not to force your child into skiing or snowboarding, we will refund any unattended half days. The customer service team at Neige Aventure SA / onthemountain.ch must be informed before the start of the lesson.

7. Classes will take place in any weather. In case of force majeure (unforeseeable circumstances), lessons that are cancelled will not be refunded but instead alternative timings will be proposed.

8. In the event of COMPLETE closure of the ski area normally accessible, and only that event, missed lessons and the cost of rental equipment will be deducted/refunded for the days in question.

9. For freeride and off-piste activities, participants must be equipped with an avalanche transceiver device, which is in good working condition (for further information please visit our specialist mountain sport shops)

10. For group courses, the instructor does not have to wait for latecomers.

If you encounter a problem with your existing reservation from Neige Aventure / onthemountain.ch, please contact us by phone at +41 27 288 31 31 or via our online assistance "livechat" on our website or contact us at the following:

Neige Aventure / Onthemountain
CP 268
Route de la télécabine 18

CH-1997 Haute-Nendaz

tel +41 (0) 27 288 31 31
e-mail booking@onthemountain.ch

web  www.onthemountain.ch

Please check our General Conditions (link)