NA Rider Licence

Neige Aventure has been a leader in snowsport coaching since 1989 and in that time, has taken the time to carefully develop the unique Rider Licence Programme (RLP).

The RLP has been developed by Neige Aventure’s top riders, coaches and instructors and is specifically adapted to those who would like to technically progress, discover more about mountain sports and really understand the magnificent alpine environment.

Anyone at any ability can take part, from complete beginners learning their first snowplough turns to those freestyle ‘gurus’ wanting to learn their next stylish trick and even racers looking to improve their competition technique.

The RLP is the only coaching programme of its kind made up of 8 different mountain sports for both kids and adults that can be started at any age and any level.

It is made up of the following 8 disciplines:

1)    Ski Rider

2)    Snowboard Rider

3)    Telemark Rider

4)    Mountain Safety Rider

5)    Eco Rider

6)    Mountain Bike Rider

7)    Air Rider

8)    Mountain Climber


Each discipline has 3 different levels of ability: beginner, intermediate/advanced and expert.

We are passionate about ensuring our customers get the best coaching experience and get the most out of the mountains and can tailor each discipline around holidays.

Any time RLP Riders return to us, they can continue where they left off – we’ll make sure they get maximum mountain time!

So if you or your kids want to become true expert mountain riders in any or all of the 8 disciplines, or just want to discover little more about different mountain sports, the RLP is the perfect match. Book today!

The RLP Ski & Snowboard Rider Test has been modelled on several international instructor systems including:

  •         Swiss Snowsports
  •         BASI (British Association of Snowsports Instructors)
  •         PSIA (Professional Ski Instructor of America)
  •         ISIA (International Snowsports Instructor Association)


Type of medals:

Our goal at Neige Aventure is for our clients to have a really memorable time with us in the 4 Vallées by having FUN and by learning amazing new skills safely.

We guarantee that you’ll make progress during your stay, from your first ever snowplough turns right up to your first ever 360o spins and beyond!

Then it’s medal time at our weekly Ski Test ceremony – but don’t stop there!

Take the RLP Expert Mountain Rider Challenge and see how many medals you can get in each of the 8 different disciplines!