Special pre-order offer ski, snowboard, splitboard 21

By placing an order before 30 April 2020 you get a 20% discount on your equipment, will be delivered next November and will support your local sport shop.

We should have organized, from April 10 to 13, as every year, our end-of-season ski and snowboard test and offer you the possibility to place an order.

Unfortunately the test could not take place but the pre-orders are open :

You can consult the Top 10 selections of our team here.

Skis : https://www.onthemountain.ch/media/3247/selection_ski_onthemountain_20-21.pdf 

Snowboards : https://www.onthemountain.ch/media/3248/selection_snowboard_onthemountain_20-21.pdf 

Splitboards : https://www.onthemountain.ch/media/3249/selection_splitboard_onthemountain_20-21.pdf