Our bike brands


In 1958, engineer Ed Scott created the first aluminium ski pole. Scott's starting activity was focused on winter sports accessories. However in 1986, Scott introduced his first ATV and in 1991 his first suspension fork. Today Scott's main activity is cycling with 65% of the group's total activity. The Scale semi-rigid is one of the most successful bikes in Cross-Country.

Rocky Mountain

Created in 1981 in the cellar of a bicycle store in Vancouver, the way of thinking and working has remained the same. Technology and quality remain the watchwords. Their promise? Build and manufacture the best bicycles in the world. Bikes are tested on the most challenging tracks in the region, so that suggestions and experiences can be recorded immediately. Despite a large part of the design being done by computer, the real feedback comes from the ground, when the tyres roll in the mud, hit roots, rocks....


Founded in Alicante (Spain) in 2001, Mondraker is definitely focused on high performance. It is renowned for its range based on the innovations Forward Geometry® and Zero Suspension System®. Here the concept of understanding mountain biking is unique and offers a whole new experience.


The Haibike epic began in 1996. Founders Susanne and Felix Puello are intrigued by bicycles of a different style in the mountain bike industry. This brand is revolutionary in more than one way, forcing enthusiasm. Since 2010, the first Haibike electric bicycle motor has been seducing professionals and all bicycle enthusiasts.