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Thursday Learn to Ride _ Snowboard

Tous les jeudis après-midi de l’hiver les instructeurs de snowboard de Neige Aventure t’invitent pour une première expérience SNOWBOARD.

Cours Jeudi Initiation Snowboard de 13h30 à 16h00 CHF 49.- incluant loc équipement board + boots + protège poignets.


Le Cours Jeudi Initiation est gratuit pour tous les élèves des cours de ski Neige Aventure

Snowboard Coaching

This is a great way for kids or adults to learn, laugh, play and progress with other Riders.

At Neige Aventure we are dedicated to passing on our passion for the mountains and nurturing the next generation of snowboarders.
We are the only ski school in town using the Burton Learn To Ride (LTR) method. This is a teaching method developed by Burton and these unique programmes provide learners with gear designed to enhance their experience as well as a unique teaching methodology specifically adapted to this equipment.

This magic formula offers riders a lot more security and ease at all learning stages.


Even though this method is most effective with Burton LTR snowboards, boots and bindings, we accept any other type of equipment on our courses. We recommend, however, particularly for children and beginners, to join the LTR system. The equipment is tailored to gender and age to maximize each individual's learning potential.

The higher Level classes will have the opportunity to learn about avalanche safety at our very own NA Avalanche Safety Training Centre in Siviez.

For the more advanced snowboarders, you can check out our specialised Freestyle and Freeride camps!




Freestyle Camps

Learn to stomp the kickers, slide rails, and pop jibs with Neige Aventure Freestyle Camps* in Nendaz, 4 Vallées.

If you’re completely new to the park or can already lay down a cheeky cork, Neige Aventure's pro coaches will help you perfect your technique and push you to the limits. Even off the park you can hone your skills and shape your style with video analysis sessions.

Coaching groups are always small in size (max 6 per groups) and the pro instructors are dedicated to helping you perform the tricks that you want to learn. If you want to nail the rails or launch off kickers all-day long, then that’s exactly what you’ll be doing!

4 reasons to choose Freestyle Nendaz
  • Personalised coaching for all levels
  • Dedicated team of coaches and small group sizes
  • Ride Nendaz Wood Park, Verbier Snowpark and Thyon Central Park all in 1 week
  • Fun and Progression guaranteed

* Intermediate to advanced level required

(Ski level: Black or Energy)

(Snowboard level: Basic 3 or Rider 1)

Freeride World Tour Club

A whole new teaching method has been developed for the Freeride World Tour Club in Nendaz, Veysonnaz and Siviez based on input from the Freeride World Tour riders themselves, mountain guides and professional ski and snowboard trainers.

The programme is aimed at good skiers and snowboarders who want to improve their overall confidence on snow, learn how to evaluate freeriding risks, train with safety equipment, understand what the Freeride World Tour does for the community and share amazing experiences with the coaches, guides and pro riders of the Freeride World Tour.

Click HERE to book now!


Professional Snowsport Coaching Clinics (PSCC)

OnTheMountain Academy “Performance Snowsports Coaching”

OnTheMountain Academy by Neige Aventure is introducting an exciting new range of ski & snowboard coaching clinics for 2017-2018.

These Performance Snowsports Coaching Clinics (PSCC) are significantly different to standard snowsports school group lessons because they are focused on really improving specific skills and abilities rather than general technique.

The PSCCs take place in small groups of 3-6 people with the OnTheMountain Academy snowsports coaches allowing for real progress in leaps in bounds.