Dynafit is a brand for dedicated mountain athletes who strive to equip themselves with the most innovative, highest-quality gear available. Lightness, Speed, Performance and Technology are the core values embodied by Dynafit, and every process and product is characterized by those hallmarks. 

The challenge is to develop the lightest and most reliable gear. All products remain true to the motto, “Make a product out of a little bit more than nothing.” 

Free Touring can be compared to surfing; a game of weightlessness and centrifugal forces only it is played out in a mountain environment. Free Touring equipment sees the fusion of weight optimization, which conserves energy on the ascent, and unique performance capability on the descent. Genuine free tourers are descent-oriented ski mountaineers who earn the reward of surfing across untouched powder snow by the exertions of their own muscles. ‘Earn your turn‘ as the phrase goes.

At OnTheMountain, we selected products in regards of the market. The 4 Vallées offer some of the best terrain in the world and with a lighter gear but still performing well downhill, you can access to untouched area for some of the best powder skiing you'll ever experienced.

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