Ten years ago Faction was born. It was clear the ski industry needed a breath of fresh air. A new way to look at skiing and the products we use, and to listen and learn from the people who are out there pushing the envelope of what’s possible on skis.

In 2016, Faction and athlete Candide Thovex are still as angry. A truly fully motivated team working together and commited to chase their dreams. It is a company that believes there’s something more than 9-to-5, cell phones and 7-elevens. That believes that intelligent design and innovative approaches to traditional manufacturing techniques can lead to better products for all of us.

Better skis. Better technical outerwear. Designed with care and hand made with love, for those who are looking for something different. Something unique. Something better. That is the way Faction became one of the leaders within the freeskiing market.

We, at Neige Aventure decided just like Faction to fully comitted ourselves to the project and to claim proudly that the little brand from Switzerland became a major actor of the feesking industry.

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