The name Millet became famous in the 30's with the first braces supplied shopping bags. Adapted some years later to the backpack, the idea quickly became the recipe for the french brand success. 

The mountain technical products development brings a strong image to the brand, reinforced with the best mountain dwellers of their generation signatures.

This was the story back then, and is still the story now a days. From endless numbers of successful summit ascents, to the constant innovations in the mountaineering industry, Millet is been helping side by side every outdoor passionate to provide them with the most advanced technical gear. For the mountain enthusiasts.

With such a strong image, supported by the world's famous Chamonix high mountain guides, Neige Aventure decided to give its intructors and team members the chance to experience the Millet feeling by providing them the full outerwear for the winter and by offering osme of the best products in the stores.

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