Rab Carrington built his company on two things: A deep understanding of what climbers and mountaineers need, and a commitment to practical gear that works.

It’s this down to earth, honest approach that still informs the design and testing process linking us firmly to that modest beginning in 1980’s Sheffield. Those same qualities of innovation, integrity and function have endured, remaining at the heart of the Rab® brand today.

Whilst the brand continues to grow, Rab is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to design hard-wearing gear for the mountains. The company built up a community consisting of some of the best climbers, mountaineers and explorers in the world, regularly supporting groundbreaking expeditions and climbs across the globe.

Even though it is a brand present on the market since a couple decades now, Rab still has a new innovative image. NeigeAventure is proud to be a partner and to represent the company within the 4 Vallées, to provide the best equipment for the passionates.

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