In 1985, Jim Gentes saw some opportunities in the blindside of convention. Instead of asking "why?", he asked "why not?" Why not a lightweight, vented, attractive piece of functional apparel for your head ?

A true brand on a mission to bring new ideas that enhance the ride. It is an energy, a drive, a compulsion to serve ideas as much as they can. A desire to make our world better, faster, funner and cooler.

Giro comes from a unique place. Santa Cruz, California’s location—at the intersection of surf and mountains—attracts people of an independent mindset: outdoors people; iconoclasts who set their own priorities, more inclined to put human values ahead of corporate interests.

By both fulfilling the needs for summer and winter consumers with innovative products, Giro wants to leave a mark in the industry and creating products that clearly defines a way of thinking. OnTheMountain is proud to be part of the adventure and to represent a unique brand.

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